Parametric Computation, Materials and Fabrication (ARCH 3590 | Fall 2019)

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Parametric Computation, Materials and Fabrication (ARCH 3590 | Fall 2019)
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This course is an introduction to parametric computational design and digital fabrication. Grasshopper, a Rhino plug-in, will be
used as a primary digital modeling tool. Students will learn how to use the tool, how to work with algorithms, and how to utilize
them for architectural design projects. The course will also explore the qualities of basic materials such as paper, wood, concrete, and
plastics in the context of computational design and digital fabrication thinking and techniques.
Students will be challenged to design and fabricate three small projects: a paper lamp, a CNC milling, a pavilion/furniture project.
Students will create their own geometry creation algorithms in Grasshopper and prepare 3D models for the fabrication of physical
models of each project. The projects will provide students with opportunities to explore and learn the concept and techniques of
parametric rule-based design, digital fabrication tools, assembly of fabricated parts.

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