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MAT1275, Ganguli, Spring2017

Suman Ganguli
Mathematics|MAT1275|Spring 2017

An intermediate and advanced algebra course. Topics include quadratic equations, systems of linear equations, exponential and logarithmic functions, and topics from trigonometry including identities, equations and […]

MAT1375 Precalculus FA2017

Sybil Shaver
Mathematics|MAT1375|Fall 2017

Topics include absolute value equations and inequalities, functions and their graphs, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions.

MAT2675 Calculus 3, SP2019

Caner Koca
MAT2675|Spring 2019

MAT 2675 – Calculus 3 – Spring 2019 [OER]

MAT1372 Statistics with Probability

Victor Sirelson
Mathematics|Fall 2017

Description A 3 credit but 4 hour introductory course. Topics include sample spaces and probabilities, discrete (Binomial, Poisson) and continuous (Normal, Student, Chi-Square) probability distributions, […]

ENG2001, Intro to Fiction, SP2017

ENG2001, Intro to Fiction, SP2017

Rob Ostrom

This semester, we will explore the elements of fiction by reading twentieth and twenty-first century American literature. Through an intensive study of selected short stories and a novel, using critical reading, […]