MAT1275, Ganguli, Spring2017

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MAT1275, Ganguli, Spring2017
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Spring 2017
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An intermediate and advanced algebra course. Topics include quadratic equations, systems of linear equations, exponential and logarithmic functions, and topics from trigonometry including identities, equations and solutions of triangles.

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Video Examples: Integer Exponents

It seems like the trickiest questions involving integer exponents that we've encountered so far […] See MoreVideo Examples: Integer Exponents

Welcome to MAT1275!

Welcome to MAT1275 (section D500)!  Revisit this post soon for further info on how to get started […] See MoreWelcome to MAT1275!

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Final Exam Review – Study Guide

One more reminder that the Final Exam will be next Wednesday, May 24 (usual class time and room). We will do some review for the final in class on Monday (including going over Exam #4). But I have been trying to emphasize over the […] See MoreFinal Exam Review – Study Guide

Exam #4: Topics/Homework (from Final Exam Review)

Here is the homework assignment to prepare for Exam #4. The homework will be due the day of the exam (this coming Wednesday, May 17), and covers the topics that will be on the exam. For this homework, write out the solutions to the […] See MoreExam #4: Topics/Homework (from Final Exam Review)

Schedule for rest of the semester (incl Exam 4)

Here is the schedule for the rest of the semester, which I put on the board yesterday in class: Mon, May 8 (yesterday): review Exam #3 verifying trigonometric identities solving systems involving nonlinear (quadratic) equations: […] See MoreSchedule for rest of the semester (incl Exam 4)

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