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Hello. My name is Jinealy or Jinee, studying Hospitality Management at City Tech.

My Courses

ENG 2003 Introduction to Poetry  D535 Fall 2017

ENG 2003 Introduction to Poetry D535 Fall 2017

Reading poetry is like being a detective. Sights and sounds work together to enhance meaning and create ambiguity. We will work in small groups, individually, through research, and presentations to understand the variety of poetic forms available to poets. We will examine the choices a poet makes, and consider why he or she makes them. We will discuss the value of poetry in today’s world.



Procedural, customer and staff perspectives involved in the provision of quality service as practiced in a dining room laboratory. Student rotation through dining room service positions with emphasis on responsibilities of planning, producing and evaluating service. Practice of proper safety and sanitation methods. Critique of restaurant service.

HMGT1101 PerspectivesD402 Fall2014

HMGT1101 PerspectivesD402 Fall2014

An overview of the history, likely directions and organizational structure of the hospitality industry and its role in local, national and global economies. Students are introduced to the nature and scope of the hospitality industry, basic terminology, management concepts, career path explorations and the department’s mission and culture.

My Projects

Thomas Ahrens International Work/Study Programs—-Paris

Thomas Ahrens International Work/Study Programs—-Paris

Selected Hospitality Management students take part in an exchange program with students from Universite d’Evry during the month of June. This project presents first hand, the business of tourism, hotel management, cuisine and culture to our hospitality students at City Tech. During these 3 weeks our students are based in Paris and have had visits and conferences that included the Hotel de Ville, Rungis Market, Hotel George V, Patisserie Lenotre, Moet et Chandon in Champagne, Restaurant Le Grand Colbert, La Coupole and Le Vefour. Culture is investigated through the everyday experiences of living in Paris. Cuisine is formerly practiced in several culinary schools and informally experienced through day to day market shopping, tastings and restaurant dining. Each year students work on various walking tour assignments and have presented historic and cultural tours of various sites in Paris.

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