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John is a graphic designer from Queens, New York. Specializing in streetwear graphics he has launched Les Nabis©, and has worked closely with other steetwear brands creating graphics and various branding.


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Design Team E278—Spring 2016

Design Team E278—Spring 2016

Working individually or in teams, students consult with a variety of clients on the design and production of a range of print and digital media including logos, posters, web sites, advertising campaigns, brochures and other promotional materials. Students are responsible for collecting research, conducting meetings, making presentations and following client guidelines. The role of deadlines and budgets is stressed. Students are expected to be involved in all phases of production.

ENG 2400 Films from Literature section D550 Fall 2014

ENG 2400 Films from Literature section D550 Fall 2014 D550 Fridays 11:30 – 2:00 This course will allow students to examine the relationship between film and their literary sources. Through classroom discussions and out-of-class assignments, students will analyze classic and contemporary literary texts and their cinematic versions. Students will examine the relationship between film and literature, with specific focus on the techniques used in fiction, drama and film and the influences of censorship and society. Students will focus on the similarities and differences of literary works adapted into films.

ADV1167 Type&Media S2014 (MF)

ADV1167 Type&Media S2014 (MF)

This is a foundation course in typography with emphasis on using type for a range of industry related applications from print to interactive. Students will be introduced to principles of type design and terminology including: variations of type structure, anatomy, font usage, grid, leading, kerning, tracking and alignment. Students will learn industry standard software such as InDesign on the Macintosh operating system.

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