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ENG 2775 (HD98) — Summer 2017

ENG 2775 (HD98) — Summer 2017

Patrick Corbett
English|ENG 2575|Summer 2017

Students communicate technical and scientific information to a variety of audiences through written and oral presentations, using electronic media such as the Internet, Power Point and graphics programs. Students […]

Remote Sensing

Electrical and...|EET 3132| 2011

Highlights the physical and mathematical principles underlying remote sensing techniques, covering the radiative transfer equation,atmospheric sounding techniques, interferometric and lidar systems, and an […]

ECON2505 Env Econ, SP2016 Wed. D728

Sean MacDonald
Social Science|ECON 2505|Spring 2016

This interdisciplinary course examines current environmental issues from a macroeconomic perspective, focusing on both the long and short-term economic viability of various proposals to address current […]