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Kevelyn Vargas
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Communication Design

I’m born and raised in (beautiful) Queens, NY. I have a crazy strong New York accent. Graphic design, and branding. The hard work that may discourage many fuels my fire.

I am currently a senior in college. I have experience with logo work, branding, poster art, magazine layouts, illustration and many others

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COMD4900 OL90 35049 SP2021

COMD4900 OL90 35049 SP2021

Internship in Communication Design Assignment to field work/study situations of approximately eight to 20 plus hours per week at a graphic arts-related internship site approved by the department internship director. Sites may be in areas such as advertising, printing, corporate communications or publishing. Students keep a log/journal to be shared in group seminars/discussions. Supervision is by faculty and by the job supervisor. Students will be required to keep a learning journal of their internship in the form of a blog using Open Lab.

CDMG 1111 D311 Spring 2018 Goetz

CDMG 1111 D311 Spring 2018 Goetz

This course introduces students to core concepts in the media field including color theory, design and production terminology, reproduction processes, file formats and substrates. During the semester, students will complete three pages of their own ePortfolio web site, complete a print design project and one video project. Lectures will provide students with a historical perspective of the media field as well as discussing current practices and future trends.

COMD3503Spring2019 Topics in Graphic Design

COMD3503Spring2019 Topics in Graphic Design

Explores the role of graphic designer in contemporary visual communications with related design assignments and research. Graphic design trends; the impact of computer technology; examination of the work of major 20th century designers; global graphics; the ongoing dialogue between advertising and graphic design. A large emphasis will be placed on awareness of the design world by observing the principles of design in our community: books, publications, web sources, museums and graphic art organizations. Students are expected to gather reference materials for all their projects and are encouraged to use the library resources.

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