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2022 Spring – MEDU 3000 – Mathematics of the Secondary School Curriculum – Reitz

Jonas Reitz
MEDU 3000|Spring 2022

The course examines the content of the secondary school mathematics curriculum from an advanced perspective. Pedagogical content knowledge is examined in discussions of mathematical concept representations, […]

MAT 3050 Geometry Spring 2021

MAT 3050 Geometry Spring 2021

Kate Poirier
MAT 3050|Spring 2021

MAT 3050 covers Euclidean and hyperbolic geometry in two and three dimensions from an axiomatic point of view. It examines classical theorems as well as groups of transformations.

2020 Fall – MAT 2571 – Introduction to Proofs – Reitz

Jonas Reitz
MAT2571|Fall 2020

Preparation for teaching an advanced mathematics curriculum with a focus on the processes of mathematical argumentation and reasoning, deduction, and discovery. Topics include propositional and firstorder logic, […]

EDU 2455 – Methods and Materials for Special Needs Students (Hybrid) Fall 2020

Emily Forman
EDU 2455|Fall 2020

A review of current methods and materials in working with special needs students. Content includes the role of the educator pertaining to diversity equity and inclusion practices, developmental psychology and […]