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ENG 1101 Fall ’19 D307-364

ENG 1101 Fall ’19 D307-364

English 1101 serves as the introductory composition course, and it aims to develop students’ reading, writing and analytical skills while fostering awareness of their own discursive practices. The course aims to have students critically reflect on their own literacy practices and to attend to them in order to become more nuanced language practitioners. Students begin the course in a fairly conventional way, by writing what are usually called literacy narratives, though these may be broadly defined by individual Instructors to include larger concerns such as language diversity, orality, and language and technology. While academic discourse may play a role in the course, the program’s primary emphasis is with students’ ability to negotiate multiple contexts and writing situations rather than becoming familiar with only academic language.

Prof. James Wu_8:30_Eng1121_D399_Spring2020

Prof. James Wu_8:30_Eng1121_D399_Spring2020

This course builds on its prerequisite, ENG 1101. Together, we will explore and write within new genres, conduct research, and reflect on our writing practices. The big goal is that after you finish this sequence, you’ll be able to analyze and participate in genres inside and outside of higher ed. We’re aiming to build skills that will be useful in future coursework, the workplace, and in your personal lives. In other words, this course isn’t self-contained—we’re aiming to give you a toolbox of skills that you can apply across situations.

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