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ENG1141-D310 Intro to Creative Writing, SP2024

ENG1141-D310 Intro to Creative Writing, SP2024

Jennifer Sears
ENG1141|Spring 2024

This introductory course aims to engage and help you develop your creative voice through discussions of craft and technique, readings aimed to build critical reading and workshopping skills, writing exercises, […]

ENT 4499 Culmination Project FA 2023 – SP 2024

Ryoya Terao
ENT 4499

The senior thesis project, utilizing skills in an innovative way to develop a project that relates to the entertainment industry. Projects are developed through courses in the entertainment technology and/or […]

ENT 3290 Digital Video Camera Spring 2024

Ryoya Terao
ENT 3290|Spring 2024

This is an intermediate level course in the effective use of camera and lighting in video production expanding on the concepts learned in ENT 2290. Topics covered include lens selection, lighting techniques, […]