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ENG 1121-OL54

ENG 1121-OL54

Andrew Zolot
1121|Fall 2021

Every City Tech (and CUNY) student takes Composition 2, which features reading and writing assignments that will help prepare you for college and beyond. Together we will work on communicating effectively, […]

ENG1121 Comp2, SU2-2022

Jacquelyn Blain
ENG 1121

This is the second half of the first year writing sequence, and it’s all about finding your public writing voice.

ARCH 1101, INTRO FA2021

Robert Christo
ARCH 1101|Fall 2021

The Introduction to Architecture provides a foundation for students entering the BArch / BTech program to develop a “visual literacy” of the built environment. Using New York City as a living laboratory, stu […]