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Megan A Gelin
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LIB/ARCH 2205ID-D930 Learning Places Spring 2020

LIB/ARCH 2205ID-D930 Learning Places Spring 2020

This special topics course offers an interdisciplinary approach to investigating our built environment using a case study focused on a specific place each semester. This course combines physical examination with information research and data collection using methodologies developed in multiple disciplines. Students from a variety of departments engage in on-site exploration and in-depth research of a location in New York City. Faculty from the Library and Architectural Technology Departments are teaching the course this semester, and will thus focus course material through a lens of architecture, urban studies, and information studies.

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Learning Places 2020 Spring Team 5

Learning Places 2020 Spring Team 5

This project site allows this team to coordinate and develop their research project for the ARCH/LIB2205ID Course.

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