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Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, Computer Science e.t.c


Hi guys. I’m Lola (in short). I’m here at New York City College of Technology to learn and explore, impact knowledge in a little way I can, and also get the best of my diligent professors lectures, get to know interesting course-mates, get to articulate more by joining scholastic programs, and bringing out the very best in me! My academic long term dream is to be a Cardiac – surgeon, however, so many people ask my why I chose Bioinformatics as my major, and not majors like Chemistry, general Biology or so. I may be speaking to someone now, remember, what you are doing at the moment, be sure to make the best out of it and do not what only makes you happy but what seems right to do. You might be asking how this correlate to my major BUT my point is, I have always love to challenge myself and not follow the multitudes, choosing BIOMEDICAL INFORMATICS is a new cleared pathway to me, not only would I go to a MED school to actualize my dream through this, but will also be able to effectively use the knowledge I gained as a certified desktop publisher. Remember to make hay when the sun shines, by so doing this, the sky isn’t just your limit but your beginning. Thanks.

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ENG1141 Creative Writing-Spring 2020-Sears

ENG1141 Creative Writing-Spring 2020-Sears

This introductory course in creative writing includes exercises to identify and engage your creative voice, discussions of craft and technique, readings aimed to build critical reading and workshopping skills, and discussion of language and style.



This course connects the science of Biology with the issues, problems and promises created by that science. We will explore the connection between the science of Biology and the real world issues, for example how global warming affects flooding and droughts as well as how both fields ask effective questions.

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Math Club

Math Club

What do mathematicians do? Can mathematics be fun and interesting? Do you like free pizza? The Math Club is open to everyone with an interest in logic puzzles, games of chance or strategy, and mathematics in general. We host a variety of math related events, math talks, math games, math puzzles, field trips, math competitions, and more. Feel free to stop by on Thursdays in Namm N719, from 1-2pm.

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