All alone, sitting close to the seashore at the Coney Island beach.

Breathing in the cozy air. People, pets, holiday camps,

coastal birds, and horses surrounding the seaside, tree branches

dangling alongside the wind like a beaded dress.


Embracing the feeling of warmth, watching the ripple

flow of the sea. How could there be so much life in everything?

Gladly looking up the sky searching for answers.


Halt! The smiles on people’s faces. Birds chirping

in the air. Pets running to and fro. I realized how in a flash. It’s breath.

Jumping up in excitement, knowing breadth is the root of all existence.

Kimberlina always has a smile on through breathing. The liberty to cry,

laugh, scream, giggle. Given the very first day we were born.


Mothers could wrap their arms around their babies, fathers

nodding with excitement only if they are all breathing.

Objections or acceptance of a notion can also be

pronounced only if you are breathing. Ducks can only

quack, while dolphins click if they have life.


Rhinos grow from calves into giant creatures while breathing.

Sunflowers, gifts of nature, bloom through respiration.

The thoughts of how blessed we are. Feeling grateful for the breadth within.

Understanding the in-depth meaning of breath. How

valuable breath is. Only if we can comprehend. The sudden heavy

waves. Bringing me back to my conscious self. Realizing


x-mas is in two days. My blue party dress. My favorite.

Yawning out of tiredness. Looking through text messages. The

zeal to come back searching for more answers.



What has life got to offer?

Why does it have to be so unfair?

The pains one can’t comprehend

Why do I feel like giving it my all isn’t enough?

What actually matters?


What can I hold onto?

My experience with this unfairness?

It’s undeniable, I can’t be what am not

But no matter where life throws me

I just need to be strong


There are thunderstorms, tornadoes

But through it all I just need to be me

There’s a season for everything

Sun shines but still gives way to the moon

Time would tell



If only tears were laughter

If only my wishes could come true

I would be the happiest on mother EARTH

I would be me


Be strong because you are you

You are getting there

The universe entails success

Hold onto it, work hard for it

It would end with a smile


My full name is Olorundamilola C. Okemeta. Pretty long, right? I know. You could reach out to me as X-tinah (my nickname), or Lola (the shorter version of my first name). I am originally from a small native family in Nigeria, Africa. I am currently an undergraduate student pursuing a pre-med studies. An aspiring cardiologist and also a motivational writer. Publicizing this post would be my first post on this website , which is overwhelming but interesting!

People might ask themselves these… Why is an aspiring surgeon or an undergraduate pre-med student having a portfolio that has to do with creative writing and not a blog that has to do with why chemical reactions exist and how two water molecules can react to form one hydronium ion and one hydroxide ion? Funny, right? Well, I am right here to give answers to that…

  • Becoming a cardiologist is my academic long-term dream, a realistic dream, but writing down thoughts, brainstorming or doing things that interest me outside of only science in general has always being my passion.
  • I am here to learn, to grow, to motivate people, to let out my thoughts, to hear feed backs, to see if I am capable of fitting this into my tight schedule, my competence.
  • Why e-portfolios, rather than keeping a personal journal?
    • I fell in love with creative writing on the very first day I started taking the course, I discovered myself when I found interest in it, and started working more on given assignments or in-class free writes, which was recently. I have always kept my thoughts to myself, bury my head in books, keep journals, personal diaries, or my little student notebooks. Then I told myself, “why have all these in a locked drawer, rather than publicize it and hear feed backs.” I know through this, I would not only learn but also impact knowledge.


  • What topics do you think you’ll write about?
    • Presently, there aren’t specifics in mind. I tend to write with my mood, the flow, the energy, my instincts. It gives me strength in an indescribable way. However, this platform would include stories (fiction or non-fiction), songs, free writes, poems etc.


  • Who would you love to connect with via your portfolio?
    • It isn’t possible to connect with everyone, but nevertheless, there are great minds out there, I would love to get replies from people as much as I can. To hear from a broader perspectives, students, instructors, journalist, etc. I would love to grow naturally, develop new writing skills, and all these can’t be possible without feed backs.


  • If you handle all these successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?
    • I hope to have inspired people, to have motivate young writers to follow their heart and keep their heads up. I hope I would look back at all these, smile, and say, “Yes! I did it”, without regrets or reproach. I hope to have become a better me and better writer. I am still learning and open to everyone’s teaching. Thanks.