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ENG1133 Specialized Communication for Technology Students, FA2017

Jason W. Ellis
English|ENG1133|Fall 2017

This is Prof. Ellis’ ENG1133 class for Fall 2017.

ENG1710 Language and Tech, FA2016

Jason W. Ellis
English|ENG1710|Fall 2016

In this rewarding and challenging introductory class, we will endeavor to understand the deep and complex relationship between human language and human technology. You will apply your insights and discoveries to a […]

ENG2003 Intro to Lit: Poetry, SP2016

ENG2003 Intro to Lit: Poetry, SP2016

Cecily Iddings
English|ENG2003|Spring 2016

Analysis and critical understanding of selected English and American poems. Exams and essays based on readings.

SPE 1330: Effective Speaking

Humanities|SPE 1330|Fall 2011

SPE 1330 (Effective Speaking) is designed to achieve two broad aims. First, we seek to advance your knowledge of the public speaking process. We will accomplish this aim through a combination of written […]

Telling Brooklyn Stories

English,Humanit...|1101 / 1330|Fall 2012

Prof. Justin Davis Prof. Jody R. Rosen * * * * * Brooklyn is a collection of neighborhoods and location, a microcosm of the world. This semester, in Telling Brooklyn Stories, we will explore Brooklyn […]