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Hi! My name’s Christopher Persaud, people tend to call me Chris. I am a highly analytical person; I love data! I’m also a professional portrait photographer, beauty and fashion photo retoucher and IT infrastructure builder. I aspire to become a psychiatrist. I’ve always been interested in psychology! I became a photographer because I always enjoyed capturing the smiles on people’s faces. Throughout high school, I started to help people a lot, either academically or mentally, and it seems to fill a void in my own life; therefore, I felt like I would enjoy being a psychiatrist. I want to help people enjoy living in their own skin! No matter how much time I have to put in, seeing other people happy will make me just as happy. I am highly dedicated to helping and assisting others. I’m a Liberal Arts and Sciences major here at City Tech. I’m also a NIH Bridges Scholar, Co-Hort 3. Participating in this program will help me pursue my long term goals!

My Courses

COMD 2340 Spring 2018

COMD 2340 Spring 2018

In this intermediate class, the emphasis will be on creative problem solving with photography for the Communication Design field. The emphasis will be on using style to transform subject matter in order to communicate ideas. The first half of the semester will use still life photography to explore photographic style while the second half of the semester will focus outdoor work including street photography, urban landscape and on-location work. Students will be exposed to a wide range of contemporary photographers from a range of genres. Advanced digital darkroom, color correction, and color management procedures will be covered in addition to facilitate students’ professional-level portfolio development.

My Projects

Strengthening Research Interactions through Digital Expression (STRIDE)

Strengthening Research Interactions through Digital Expression (STRIDE)

STRIDE is a digital infrastructure using the OpenLab platform that converges a variety of science resources and applications bearing a capacity for enriched engagement in research, and community building. More that a mere website for the NIH Bridges to the Baccalaureate at City Tech, it will contains the following components: • A resource center of digital presentations of faculty mentors research interests/profiles. • A multimedia library of faculty/student research project presentations. • An online journal of students’ scholarly works in research including the sharing of conference abstracts and papers. • Digital platform for an interactive research community that includes online social media.

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