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HSCI 2201 Safety for Health Care

Brigida Hernandez, Sitaji Gurung, Christine, Noemi Rodriguez
HSCI 2201

An introduction to current safety standards and regulations in the health care environment.

English 1101-OL05 (English Composition I)

English 1101-OL05 (English Composition I)

Jill Belli
1101|Fall 2022

A course in effective essay writing and basic research techniques including use of the library. Demanding readings assigned for classroom discussion and as a basis for essay writing.

MAT 1275-W033 Fa2022

Lucie Mingla
MAT1275|Fall 2022

This model course is designed for use by faculty teaching MAT 1275 on the OpenLab – it includes a number of resources and sample assignments to help you get started. If you are a faculty member, you can ”clone […]

City Tech 101 Smith – August 15th – 24th 2022 (4U60)

City Tech 101 Smith – August 15th – 24th 2022 (4U60)

Kim K. Mahase, Ed.D., Prof. Karen Goodlad, Sarah Paruolo
WKSHP CT101|Summer 2022

This workshop focuses on helping new students transition to college life, and specifically to City Tech. The workshop will enhance the New Student Connection with additional information, activities, and various […]