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Linear Algebra MAT 2580 Sections 1594 & 6642

Linear Algebra MAT 2580 Sections 1594 & 6642

This is an introductory Linear Algebra course that will follow develope the theories of dimension and eigenvalues. We will employ the fourth edition of Linear Algebra and its Applications by David Lay. There will be supplementary material available here on OpenLab.

2012 Spring – MAT 1575 Calc II  – Reitz

2012 Spring – MAT 1575 Calc II – Reitz

This course is MAT 1575, Calculus II, taking place in the Spring 2012 semester with Professor Reitz. Avatar photo by Encel (http://www.flickr.com/photos/encels/4059671027)

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NYCCT Virtual-bulletin

NYCCT Virtual-bulletin

This will be used for students from city tech students to post advertisements of books they longer need and would like to sell it to a fellow city tech student. This is a more organized and efficient way of selling a book because it allows more viewers to view posting being that it is on the internet, there is an unlimited amount of traffic that could view it. Where as when you post a paper on a bulletin board, your not only killing trees by wasting papers, but someone can easily take down your paper or occasionally cover it up with their own post. Of course with the spread of word of mouth i hope to eventually replace all the bulletin boards placed throughout City Tech.

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