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MAT1275CO College Algebra and Trigonometry, Fall 2023

Victor Lee
MAT1275CO|Fall 2023

Guided hands-on problem-solving and practice for students in MAT 1275. Topics include quadratic equations, the distance and midpoint formula, graphing parabolas and circles, systems of linear and quadratic […]

Films from Literature ENG 2400, Fall 2021 OL 0550

Prof. Masiello
ENG 2400|Fall 2021

This is a course comparing motion pictures to their literary source stories. We will examine how filmmakers translate existing stories into new versions and the ”language” filmmakers use beyond the written […]

ENG2575 Technical Writing, SP2022

Jacquelyn Blain
ENG 2575|Spring 2022

ENG 2575 is an advanced course in effective technical writing techniques, including traditional technical writing forms and World Wide Web communication. This course will have students use electronic media such as […]