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COMD 3504 SUMMER 2024 Communications Design Theory

MB Kilkelly
COMD 3504|Summer 2024

An in-depth introduction to communication design theory, this course examines theoretical perspectives of design practice within the larger discourse of design and visual culture. Communication models, the […]

COMD 4900 OL91 Intern, SU2024

COMD 4900 OL91 Intern, SU2024

COMD 4900 |Summer 2024

Internship in Communication Design (Online Asynchronous Summer Intensive) (BFA degree) Assignment to fieldwork/study situations of approximately 25+ hours per week at an internship site approved by the […]

COMD 1340 OL89 Fall 2020

COMD 1340|Fall 2020

This beginning photography course explores the foundational concepts of light and exposure. Using dSLR cameras, professional lighting equipment and software*, the student develops compositional skills and the […]

COMD3527 Advanced Typography Fall 23

COMD3527 Advanced Typography Fall 23

Maria Giuliani
COMD3527|Fall 2023

2 cl hrs, 2 lab hrs Explores design and type sensibilities, challenging students to strengthen their creative and visual aesthetics. With emphasis on sensitivity to type, exercises integrate type within a […]

COMD3505 Special Topics in GD, Fall 2023

COMD3505 Special Topics in GD, Fall 2023

Maria Giuliani
COMD3505|Fall 2023

This skills course offers rotating topics in the graphic design field. Topics may include signage and way-finding systems, exhibition design, lettering, experimental typography, and others. Students can take this […]


COMD 3330|Spring 2022

The emphasis in this intermediate photography class is on creative problem solving with photography for the Communication Design field. Students learn to transform subject matter with photographic style in order […]

COMD3313, Illustration1, FA2022

Diana Schoenbrun
COMD|Fall 2022

This course is a practical introduction to the field of illustration. Focus will be placed on process work and professional practices, presented within contemporary and historical context. Course includes […]

Graphic Design Principles COMD 1100 OLO4

Marianna Trofimova
COMD 1100 |Fall 2020

This foundation design and color theory course explores graphic communication from idea development to final execution. Through hands-on experiments, collaborative learning, and individual projects students will […]