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COMD4900_D298 Internship FA2016 Goetz

COMD4900_D298 Internship FA2016 Goetz

Communication D...|COMD4900|Fall 2016

Student is assigned to find fieldwork/study situations of approximately eight hours per week at an internship site approved by the Department Internship instructor. Approved Sites include advertising agencies, […]

Portfolio COMD4801 Fall Term – 2016

Portfolio COMD4801 Fall Term – 2016

Louisa McCabe
Communication D...|COMD4801|Fall 2016

Development of each student’s strategy for entering the design profession through creating a professional portfolio. Students develop personal branding and web presence, individual promotion pieces, resume w […]

COMD3562 UX & UI Design, SP2016

Jerron Smith
Communication D...|COMD 3562|Spring 2016

User Experience (UX) Design is an essential component in developing websites, applications, and any other type of product intended to be used by people. This course examines the leading concepts of […]

Web 3 – Spring 2015 – COMD 3652 – E270

Web 3 – Spring 2015 – COMD 3652 – E270

Jay Van Buren
Communication D...|3652|Spring 2015

This is an intensive course in design and development of dynamic websites. The course offers a combination of theoretical and practical information on how to combine the PHP scripting language with the MySQL […]

COMD Advanced Photography Studio

Communication D...|COMD 3530|Spring 2015

This course will explore studio photography as a means to communicate ideas. Students will learn to use lighting to transform subject matter into metaphor, mood and meaning as well as how to develop visual […]