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Web Analytics

Libby Clarke
Communication D...|3561|Spring 2012

In this course students will learn how to effectively direct traffic to a website. Topics will include implementing Web Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, and Search Engine Marketing. They will analyze data […]

Web 3 – Spring 2012

Web 3 – Spring 2012

Jay Van Buren
Communication D...|ADV3652|Spring 2012

ADV3652 Web III Thurs 6pm-9:20pm This is an intensive course in design and development of dynamic websites. The course offers a combination of theoretical and practical information on how to combine the PHP […]

Interactive Animation

Communication D...|3662|Spring 2012

Vector-based animation and interactivity are important presentation tools for engaging the user. The goal of this course is to teach the development of time-based animation skills. It will introduce the concepts […]