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Black Theatre AFR1321/OL44 Friday 11:30 SP2022

Black Theatre AFR1321/OL44 Friday 11:30 SP2022

J. Foster-McKelvia
AFR 1321|Spring 2022

A study of African American dramatic literature to explore the complex ways in which the black experience is constructed and presented by playwrights. Students may have an opportunity to experience a theatrical […]

HEA 1100 – Human Sexuality

HEA 1100 – Human Sexuality


This class examines knowledge and attitudes towards human sexual behavior.


Despina Lalaki

Sociology is the field of study that takes up to explain social, political, cultural and economic phenomena in terms of social structures, social forces and group relations. The course introduces students to […]


Frank Corva
English|D862|Fall 2017

The purpose of this course is to provide intensive work on intermediate English language and reading skills necessary for college-level work. This is a second-level reading course, in our three-level sequence. The […]

Human Services Seminar HUS1203 Spring 2018

Human Services Seminar HUS1203 Spring 2018

Human Services|HUS1203|Spring 2018

This course is a preparation for Field Placement. We will explore many facets of the Human Services Career Path.