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HIST 1103 Boyle IN PERSON FALL 2023

HIST 1103 Boyle IN PERSON FALL 2023

This course is a chronological and thematic introduction to the history of Western interactions with the wider world from the late 1800s to the present, emphasizing the following events: the rise of nationalism in Europe and the race for empire in the late 19th century, the First World War, the interwar years, the Second World War, the Cold War, the post-Cold War world and the effects of globalization. It explores how the United State engaged with the Soviet Union via proxy wars and spheres of influence via third parties in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. It shows students the cultural, social and political background and implications of this important period in history.

ENG1121 Comp2, SU2-2022

ENG1121 Comp2, SU2-2022

This is the second half of the first year writing sequence, and it’s all about finding your public writing voice.

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