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DURA – collaboration site

Alexander Aptekar
Architectural T...|ARCH 3630|Spring 2014

This website is for facilitating student collaborate on the college is solar decathlon 2015 project.


Alexander Aptekar
Architectural T...|45396|Spring 2014

An in-depth study and survey of some the various construction assemblies employed in the construction industry. The course focuses on architectural detailing as it applies to the use of materials, material […]


Architectural T...|1250|Spring 2012

Applied Environmental Design

ARCH3631, Advanced Materials Workshop, F2017

ARCH3631, Advanced Materials Workshop, F2017

Alexander Aptekar
Architectural T...|ARCH 3631|Fall 2017

Building design and construction must anticipate an influx of smart materials which respond more acutely to environmental conditions and limitations. This course synthesizes research in materials science with the […]

ENG 2000 Perspectives in LIterature Fall 2015

ENG 2000 Perspectives in LIterature Fall 2015

Megan Behrent
English|ENG 2000|Fall 2015

This course will introduce you to reading and writing across genres. The course will focus on readings that explore concepts of identity in America and the ways in which race, class, gender, sexuality, and […]

ARCH4480 Structures 2, Fall 2015

ARCH4480 Structures 2, Fall 2015

Professor Phillip Anzalone AIA
Architectural T...|ARCH4480|Fall 2015

Structures 2

ARCH 2480 Fall 2013 Mishara

Barbara Smith Mishara
Architectural T...|ARCH 2480|Fall 2013

An analysis of static structures with a focus on steel and wood.

ARCH 1291

Prof. Tim Maldonado, William Valdez
Architectural T...|9582|Spring 2012

Visual Studies II builds on the knowledge of architectural representation and visualization obtained in ARCH 1111 and ARCH 1191. This course is taken in tandem with ARCH 1211. (Architectural Design II: […]

ARCH 1210 M-W

Prof. Tim Maldonado, William Valdez
Architectural T...|9562|Spring 2012

Architectural Design II: Foundations is the second course in the one year foundation sequence which increases the student’s ability to perceive visual cues, create visual design, formulate concepts, and render i […]

ENGL 1101: Fire, Disease, Disaster: Catastrophe and the Shaping of Public Space

Prof. Gold
English|1101|Fall 2011

This course is part of a project at the Brooklyn Historical Society called SAFA: Students and Faculty in the archives. In this course, which is also part of a learning community with two architecture courses, […]