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Anthony DiBenedetto IV
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ENG3401 Law Through Literature, FA2016

ENG3401 Law Through Literature, FA2016

We will explore issues of law, its systems, its application, and its challenges through works of literature. The way in which we will read and access the literary works assigned as readings will be part of our conversations. The cultural and historical context for the works we read will comprise an important aspect of our thinking and in-class discussion. Finally, we will consider how literature can and does influence the development of law. In order to be successful in this course, students are required to maintain the reading schedule and come to class prepared to discuss the assigned reading. It is highly recommended that students approach the course with their curiosity and an eagerness both to learn and demonstrate what they have discovered on their own initiative.



This is the OpenLab home for Sections HD59 and HD60 of Advanced Career Writing taught by Dr. Patrick Corbett.

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