We are now in Day14! What’s your plan for winter break? Did you update your resume? If so please attend my resume writing workshop on Thursday from 1pm in V509.

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17 Responses to Question14

  1. Aneita says:

    I plan to relax on winter break. I need help with my resume, but I have an important thing to do on Thursday.

  2. Tinu says:

    work and sleep…

  3. Ryan says:

    My boss texted me ten minutes ago asking when i have off for winter break. Im predicting 12 hour shifts this winter. No I did not, been very busy.

  4. i plan to relax at home and hopefully get kept at my seasonal job

  5. Eraj Khan says:

    I plan on working or taking a class. What are you plans? I will surely try to attend your workshop.

  6. my plans for winter break are sleeping and working.

  7. Kayla Natal says:

    I have to review some notes over break, get a haircut and catch up on sleep.
    I will be attending your workshop on Thursday!

  8. I will be looking for a winter job. yes i did update my resume. i will attend your workshop.

  9. Robin says:

    I will just stay home and relax. I do need help with my resume but this thursday I won’t be able to attend the workshop.

  10. PJulien says:

    I plan on working. I have not updated my resume but I will try to attend your workshop.

  11. I plan to relax and prepare for the next semester. I hope to attend your workshop thursday.

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