Next week we will have a midterm. We will have a small exercise. How are you today?

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17 Responses to Question08

  1. Dylan says:

    Can’t wait for the midterm! I am great, thanks, how are you?

  2. Tinu says:

    midterm? wat is midterm?

  3. Kayla Natal says:

    I am well! How are you Professor?

  4. I was fine until I heard we had a midterm

  5. Aneita says:

    I feel somewhat okay about the midterm. I don’t feel happy, but that has nothing to do with the midterm.

  6. Eraj Khan says:

    I am fine thank you,looking forward to the midterm

  7. All conditions normal, nothing to report…

  8. i am doing good; ready for the midterm.

  9. Robin says:

    I am good. How are you professor?

  10. I am good. What about you professor?

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