1) How are you today?

2) Did you attend the last class? How was the first Solidworks exercise? Did you enjoy it?

3) When you want to graduate?

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19 Responses to Question04

  1. Mark Mendez says:

    I am present and good. Wasnt here for the last class. I want to graduate by 2018 spring

  2. Dylan says:

    1) I am fine, thank you for asking. How are you today, Professor Nakamura?

    2) I did not attend the last class. I’m sure I would have enjoyed the first solidworks exercise if I was here to complete it.

    3) I am anticipating on graduating in May 2017.

  3. Eraj Khan says:

    1) I am fine thank you. Glad that you are teaching this class.
    2)I was not here for the last class unfortunately.
    3)Hopefully in 2018 spring.

  4. Kayla Natal says:

    1) I’m okay, how are you?
    2) Yes I attended last class. The first exercise was fun and informative.
    3) I want to graduate 2017.

  5. 1) I am doing good.

    2) I did not attend the last class due to a family emergency.

    3) spring 2017

  6. 1) I am fine.
    2) I did attend last class. The first solid works exercise was fun. I enjoyed making the flying car.
    3) I want to graduate in Spring 2017.

  7. 1- Alive and well, not pushing up daisies.

    2- Yes, little tricky getting acquainted with Solidworks being the expectation is assumed we are masters at Inventor we should already know Solidworks. I enjoyed the excercise.

    3- Hopefully 2018.

  8. 1. I am doing good.
    2. yes i did attend last class. The first solid modeling exercise was fun. yes i enjoy.
    3. Fall 2017

  9. Tinu says:

    1) i am doing good.
    2) i was here. it was a different experience. i though the software was just like inventor but using the software changed my prospective of it.
    3) spring 2017

  10. Aneita says:

    1) Okay. My right arm is slowly healing after an injury.

    2) I did attend the last class, but because teachers keeps on switching out on this class, I am unsure about this class and if I can still get a refund if there is no stable teacher or learning program yet.

    3) I want to graduate within 2 years, but life doesn’t always go the way planned.

  11. PJulien says:

    1) I am doing just fine thanks for asking . 2) yes i did attend the last class and the first Solidworks exercise was very simple and I really enjoyed it. 3) I want to graduate in June 2017.

  12. Robin says:

    1) I am alright. Thanks for asking. Hopefully you are doing good as well.
    2) I couldn’t attend last class. But i am sure we will learn a lot in this class with you through out the rest of the semester (Or until you stay with us).
    3) I am expecting to graduate by Fall 2017

  13. 1) Im good professor
    2) Yes I attended last week class. It was very fun and intriguing
    3) Spring 2017

  14. 1) Fine

    2)Yes, I attended the last class. It was cool.

    3)Spring 2017

  15. Jose Nunez says:

    1) I’m doing good
    2)yes I attended last class. the exercise was fun and simple
    3)I want to graduate by Fall 2017

  16. 1.) I’m doing good.
    2.) I was here for the last class, and I enjoyed the first exercise.
    3.) I want to graduate next year.

  17. Ryan says:

    1) im excellent, thanks for asking.
    2)I attended class last week, it was interesting, much more beneficial than my previous solid works class I took.
    3) Fall 2017

  18. Mohmed Awadalla says:

    1) i am well .
    2) i attended class last week and found the class to be enjoyable and helpful.
    3) spring 2018

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