7 thoughts on “EX13 Concept design of first project

  1. Cristian

    Group C
    Title: Flip Flap Screen
    Purpose of the screen: To display information from time,values, destinations etc. ,in places like airports, train stations, stock markets etc.
    How it will look like: It will be a big black screen full of square like tile with letters and numbers on the surface. Behind it is a motor with more tiles attached to it that turn and change the display information.

  2. Mandel

    Group A (Mandel Yu, Samuel St. Louis, Tin Oo,, Brian Ortiz, yicong):
    Title: Split- Flap Display
    Purpose: To show information about daily weather forecast :
    How it will look like: A large monitor with possible letters and numbers within it. a motor will be used to change the information shown on the board as well as the contrast

  3. Andres N. Carrion

    Group B – Alex R., Shaquille TF, Joshua P., Andres C.
    Title: The Flapper
    Purpose of the Screen: To display time using an analog method reducing the need for electricity during certain scenarios.
    Design: It will maintain a common black and white aesthetic for maximum contrast for the greatest visibility. Approximate size will be 30 x 24 grid like pattern.

  4. Edward

    Group D:
    Harold ,Edward , Ming ,Edwin

    We have multiple ideas, One is to a board that has a large calendar that can be used to set up appointments with Dr. Berri.

    Another idea is a promotional board to promote the mechanical engineers projects and statistics.

    Flip Map
    Purpose : To guide students to their rooms depending on the class.

  5. Harold.Barreto

    Title: Merit Board

    Project Description: The Merit Board is a Mechanical Board that features bi-colored 50 rotating disks. The disks reflect a binary, colored response to a predetermined question. The Merit Board will host statistical data that displays the accomplishments and ambitions of the Mechanical Engineering Technology students at City Tech. For example: A mechanical panel (like those of airports and train stations in the past) will rotate and the first question would be visible. The question states “What percentage of MECH graduates found employment within a year? A button on the board is pressed to cue the response and then 25 disks rotate to show that 50% of City Tech graduates found employment after graduation. Below the mechanical screen, a platform will hold some student projects in order to further promote the ambition and integrity of City Tech Mech students.

    Overall Objective: To provide a visual and tangible representation of student success to visitors, staff, and other students.


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