39 thoughts on “Week6 Day10

  1. Harold.Barreto

    Friday was the perfect day to stay in home and relax, so yes I did enjoy it. My weekend was very busy so I’m looking forward to Spring Break already. We used Solidworks to try and understand loads on a beam.

  2. Edward

    I was inside all Friday, working so I only saw the weather from the window. Weekend was fine. Last week we did stress analysis with solid works and discussed the project.

  3. Jesus

    I thought the storm wasnt as bad as people said it was going to be i had a busy weekend and last week we were working on solidworks

  4. Cristian

    No I did not enjoy Friday’s weather since I had to work but overall weekend was good. Yes I remember what we did last week. We drew a problem on solidworks and solved the shear force.


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