First Project

Topic selection:
What kind of topic you are interesting and will help your careers as mechanical engineers in the future?


First Project will be between Week01-08

Topic should be strongly related to Mechanical Engineering Design and your future careers

Type: individual or group?

Target: Navy Yard presentation?

14 thoughts on “First Project

  1. Edward Pichardo

    Group F :

    On the brain storming Group F came up with a garbage compactor and separator to ease the troubles of recycling.
    * just dump your trash and the machine will sort it out and separate according to the correct bins.

    My idea Personally would be using mechanical movement to create a battery that charges electricity upon simple mechanical movement a turn of a nob. with increase in movement it would generate more energy and store it for later use, to connect any appliance or charge your phone. any of the sort.

  2. Harold.Barreto

    After my discussion in Group F with Dr. Nakamura and Edwin we found 3 industries of interest for this project. The first industry is the 3D printing industry and whether or not we can improve on the standard design and function; the second industry is the transportation industry and how we can make MTA train rides easier/more enjoyable; and the final industry is the sanitation industry and how we can make recycling easier for people in order to reduce the waste we leave and the harm we have on our environment.

  3. Jesus

    For Group C(Jesus Morales, Tin Oo, Samuel St.Louis) :
    When it came to picking what industry/concentrations, all members of group c seem interested in manufacturing,
    For a engine we’d like to build something in aviation,
    For our goals as engineers, we do want to graduate and start as technicians, but we are not sure if we should do a masters degree.

  4. Mandel

    Group A:
    Mandel, Andres, lun,yicong

    Our idea is to design something that can be use in all factories and came up with designing an industrial shredder/crusher.

  5. Edwin Wu

    Group E: Edwin Wu, Alexander Rajacic, Cristian Soriano
    !. Gun Industry, Hunting Industry
    2. AutoCad, Auto Inventor, MasterCAM
    3. Hunting practice ( Clay target thrower)


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