When making the entirety of a game by yourself, art assets are something to be considered very early on. Though not detailed in its entirety in my culmination proposal, I had a very clear idea for how art assets would be handled.

At the beginning of the project, I used placeholder assets so that I could work with something that functions similar to the end result but didn’t require me to find/create the assets myself. 3D primitives(spheres, cubes, etc.) were used in place of actual 3D models


The original target prefab- A cylinder scaled down on the Y-Axis

The target prefab was one of the first prefabs made. Epsilon is a shooting game and the targets gave me something to shoot my bullets at. Although the final design I had in mind was spherical, I decided against using a sphere because without the correct texture on a sphere, there’s no way to tell how the sphere is rotating. The rotation’s importance will be expanded on in the programming post.

Updated Target Prefab. Robo-Orb by Smafams

The updated prefab made it even easier to tell which way the target was facing and more importantly, was close to the drone look that I wanted. The imported model had multiple materials on it as well which made changing the color of the prefab significantly easier later on


Original Gun Prefab- Literally two cubes put together

The core of any shooting game. The gun. Epsilon being a VR game, the only thing needed was a grab interactable and the general shape of a gun. This model worked well for a LONG time before I realized it needed to be updated.

Cyber Makarov Pistol by Mince

The updated gun model did a much better job at looking like an actual gun. Tragically, the firing was not an animation but a model so I didn’t couldn’t implement it into the game. I would have gone for a more futuristic looking gun but I couldn’t find any that matched the image I had in mind.

Robot Head Prototype by mgfxer

I actually ended up using a model found online for the head from the very start. It was simpler to see which way was forward using this instead of a sphere with a cube in front of it.