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Culmination Proposal

Culmination Proposal

My project has new technology but the overall idea was the same. In my original proposal I said that i wanted to use a 12 button remote which would be 11 shapes and 1  webcam video that would move, rotate and react to sound  but instead of 11 shapes I chose four shapes and a webcam and also instead of a remote I am using a product called leap motion to choose from one shape to the next. Below is my presentation that explains more about the project.

Remo Holo

Problem while researching

On October 24, 2017 I met with my technical advisor and we were searching how to use leap motion for Max MSP for windows but we keep running into the same error message so I would have to use the Mac computers in the school. I spent about 3 hours researching by using different websites and files that did not seem to help.

Rough Schedule

On September  26, 2017 I met with my technical advisor and created a schedule for this project. Below is what I want to accomplish throughout the process.

  • September – Separate shapes from webcam
  • October – Shapes rotate and react to sound
  • November- Work on Leap motion
  • December – Final changes

So far on the schedule I have all four shapes separated from webcam, the shapes and the webcam also rotate, move and react to sound. Now I am working on how to get all the action tied to the leap motion so that I can perform certain gestures


Creating My Poster

On 10/8/17  I created my poster. On this day I wrote what is going to be on the post which is

  • Intro
  • Context
  • Motivation
  • Solution
  • Conclusion
  • Materials
  • Disclaimer

On 10/23/17 I resigned my poster. On this version of the poster I designed it horizontal as suggested and I added some screenshots of the code and a background