Projects: Commute Time & Linear Regression

See below for some instructions about the two projects–both are due this Friday (Dec 18), but the linear regression project is optional and will be counted as extra credit:

  • Commute time project: this project is required. Either print out your spreadsheet to hand in Wednesday with the final, or email me a link to your spreadsheet before Friday (if you’re using Google, it’s best to use the “Share” button to make sure I can view it with the link; if you’re using Excel, you can email it as an attachment). Look at this post for what your commute time spreadsheet should include (including a link to a sample project spreadsheet I created).


  • Linear regression project: this project will count as extra credit.  Again, you can either print out a hardcopy to hand in, or email me your spreadsheet.  Your project should include the following:
    • a scatterplot of your paired data set, including the “trendline” (i.e., the linear regression line)
    • the correlation coefficient and the linear regression parameters (slope and y-intercept)
    • a brief written description (1-2 paragraphs) about the scatterplot and statistics (e.g., how strongly are the variables correlated? is the linear regression line a good model? are there any outliers?)
    • you can refer to the solutions to the exam questions about paired data sets and linear regression for examples of how to write about these topics (Exam #1, Question #4 & Exam #2, Question #5)

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