Exam #3 – Wednesday, Dec 11

We will take our second midterm exam this Wednesday (Dec 11).  The exam will mostly be on the material on random variables and probability distributions that we’ve covered since the 2nd exam (including a question on binomial random variables).  There will also be a question on combinations and permutations.

To prepare for the exam:

    • review the class outline pdfs (and your class notes) on:
      • “Random variables and probability distributions”
      • “Expected value and variance of a discrete random variable”
      • “Binomial random variables & binomial distributions”
      • see the Schedule page for the class outlines
    • review Exam #2, Exercises #2, #3 & #4 (Exam #2 solutions have been uploaded to Files; think about Exercises #2 & #3 in the context of a random variable and its probability distribution)
  • review the following WebWork exercises:
    • HW9-RandomVariables: all
    • HW10-ExpectedValue: #5-7, 10, 11, 15
    • HW11-BinomialDistribution: #1, #2(a)(b), #3, #4,

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