Ch 2, Linear Equations: Recap + HW #1

We’ve finished covering Sections 2.1 (Linear Equations in Two Variables), 2.2 (Slope of a Line) and 2.3 (Equations of a Line).

For HW#1, either complete the LinesSlope and LinesEquation sets on WebWork or do the following exercises out of the textbook. The due date for this homework set will be Monday Sept 23.

  • Sec 2.1: 19-29 odd
  • Sec 2.2: 13-19 odd, 39-51 odd
  • Sec 2.3: 7-17 odd, 25-29 odd, 33, 35

Review the examples we did in class as well as the examples in the textbook–they should help you do the homework.

For additional review of these concepts, you may find it helpful to take a look at the Khan Academy section on Graphing and Analyzing Linear Functions, in particular the subsections on x-intercepts and y-intercepts; slope of a line; and the three subsections on equations of a line: Graphing a line in slope-intercept form, Constructing equations in slope-intercept form, and Point-slope form.


Please review

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Math Tutoring

As I discussed last week on the first day of class, it’s essential to get help as you run into concepts, examples or homework exercises that you are having difficulty figuring out on your own. And there are plenty of resources and opportunities for you to get help.

In addition to class, office hours, and the math tutoring offered through the College Learning Center (see for those hours and locations), there’s also the following tutoring provided directly by the Math department:

CityTech – Fall 2013 Math Tutoring

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Welcome to Math 1175/5138: Getting Started with OpenLab

Welcome to the course blog for our section of Math 1175 this semester. The first thing you should do is set up an OpenLab account (see the “Getting Started” instructions) and join the course group.

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