Math 1175 – Fall 2013 – Ganguli

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Math 1175 – Fall 2013 – Ganguli
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Fall 2013
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A course in algebra and geometry. Topics that we will cover include linear and quadratic equations, polynomials, exponents and radicals, plane geometry and trigonometry of the right triangle.

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HW #7 – Geometry Ch1

Here are the HW exercises that I asked you to do in class on Monday, due next Wed (Dec 4). As I posted previously, the a pdf of the textbook is available on here, in case you haven't picked up a hard […] See MoreHW #7 – Geometry Ch1

“Elementary College Geometry” textbook – pdf

The textbook for the geometry section of the course is available online via the Math department website: See More“Elementary College Geometry” textbook – pdf

Exam #2 – review exercises

As I said in class today, the best way to review for the exam on Wednesday is to (a) do and review the HW exercises, and (b) review the examples we've gone through in class. You should also work through the relevant exercises on the […] See MoreExam #2 – review exercises

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