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Lesson 12: Polynomial and Rational Inequalities

Topic: This lesson covers Chapter 12 in the book, Polynomial and Rational Inequalities.

WeBWorK: There are two WeBWorK assignments on today’s material: Polynomials - Inequalities, and Rational Functions - Inequalities.

Introduction to polynomial inequalities

Definition. A polynomial inequality is an inequality (which means it uses one of these: $<,\leq,>,\geq$ instead of an equals sign) with a polynomial on each side

Example 1: $x^2-3x-4\geq 0$

We’re interested in solving these inequalities, which means answering the question: “For which real numbers x is the inequality true?”

Now let’s look at the same example, and see how to solve it without looking at the graph:

Example 2: Solve $x^{4}-x^{2}>5\left(x^{3}-x\right)$

Example 2, concluded:

Rational inequalities

What happens if we allow rational functions instead of just polynomials?

Example 3: Solve $\frac{x^{2}-5 x+6}{x^{2}-5 x} \geq 0$

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Here are more video resources if you’d like to see additional examples.

ASSIGNMENT: Watch videos, try webwork.

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