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Learning Outcomes.

  • Determine if the data supports a hypothesis at a given significance level using known distributions.

Topic. This lesson covers: Chi-Squared Goodness of Fit Test


WeBWorK Set 11.2


Introduction to the Chi-Square Distribution
Chi-Square Goodness of Fit Test

The Applied View

This video is not on goodness of fit. Instead it should serve as preparation for the next lesson. Watch Two-Way Tables.

  1. Give two (or more) examples of categorical variables.
  2. What did Somerville include in its 2011 census that was unconventional?
  3. In the two-way table used to organize the responses to rating personal happiness and Somerville’s physical beauty, which variable was the row variable and which was the column variable? Explain.
  4. As the level of happiness went up (from Unhappy to So-so to Happy), what happened to the percent of respondents who rated Somerville’s physical beauty as Bad?