Welcome MAT 1272 students!

One important area of statistics is visualization. The header for our site is taken from a New York Times article published in 2008, the last year we had summer Olympics. Once you have the article open, drag the timeline near the top of the visualization. You will see how the distribution of countries with medal winners has evolved over time. Notice how major historical events such as the cold war has affected the medal distribution.


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  1. How can I start preparing for my statistics course so I can be well prepared for my challenge during this semester. I struggle with math & science but I am determined to advance my learning. Several of my peers have warned me with concerning news of how difficult statistics is and can be. My goal is to prepare now for my transition and smooth journey ahead. Any advice or suggestions please don’t hesitate. I am a returning student after 25 years.

    • Ezra Halleck says:

      There are several measures that you can take. One is that you can purchase the textbook, download the course outline and begin to familiarize yourself with the material which will be covered. There is a lot of new terminology to learn and a few difficult concepts as well such as “hypothesis testing”. As far as math, there really is not all that much beyond a good calculator ability. The course requires a scientific calculator (~$15) though a graphing calculator such as a TI-84 (~$90) will give you an edge.

      The City Tech math department’s “student resources” menu item has links to course outlines as well as sample final exams. Unfortunately, the course outline has not been updated to reflect this fall’s newly selected text. I will alert the department and put an update here once it has been done. In the meantime, there is a great free resource online that you can use to get started:

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