Syllabus With Links to Videos

MAT 1575 Calculus II

ClassTopicVideo Resource
2The Definite Integral
The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
The Definite Integral

The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
Integrals Involving Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
4Integration by PartsIntegration by Parts
5Trigonometric IntegralsTrigonometric Integrals
6 Trigonometric SubstitutionTrigonometric Substitution
7Partial Fraction DecompositionPartial Fraction Decomposition
8Improper IntegrationImproper Integration
9Taylor and Maclaurin polynomialsTaylor and Maclaurin Polynomials
11Infinite Series Infinite Series
12The Divergence and Integral TestsThe Divergence and Integral Tests
13Comparison Tests Comparison Tests
14Alternating Series Alternating Series
15Ratio and RootTestsRatio and Root Tests
16Power Series and Functions
Properties of Power Series
Power Series
17Taylor and Maclaurin Series
Working with a Taylor Series
Taylor and Maclaurin Series
18Approximating AreasApproximating Areas
19Areas Between Two CurvesAreas Between Two Curves
20Determining Volumes by SlicingDetermining Volumes by Slicing