Approximating Areas

  1. \rhd Riemann approximation introduction (6:44) Approximate the area of the region under the curve f(x)=x^2+1 bounded by x=1 and x=3.
  2. \rhd Over and under estimation on Riemann sums (4:00) The graph of g(x) is given. Consider the left and right Riemann sums that would approximate the area under y=g(x) between x=2 and x=8. Are the approximations underestimations or overestimations?
  3. \rhd Worked example: finding a Riemann sum using a table. (6:38) Given a table of values of a function, find a Riemann sum of that function.
  4. * Practice: Left and right Riemann sums. (4 problems)
  5. \rhd Worked example: over and underestimation of Riemann sums. (4:41) Ordering different areas from least to greatest.
  6. * Practice: Over and underestimation of Riemann sums. (4 problems)
  7. \rhd Midpoint sums (5:28) Approximate the area under the curve y=x^2+1 bounded by x=-1 and x=2 using three rectangles of equal width.