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Author: Sally Ruan

Paula Scher Videos

After watching the videos, Paula Scher was very interesting to learn about. Throughout the videos, you learn about her work and how she approach it. She operates with her instincts, she never been a refiner. One of the work she talked about was the Citi bank logo, she created it on a napkin within a few seconds. She said how computers aren’t good for design. Paula Scher says she hated Helvetica, and she want to do and create her own designs that wasn’t made out of Helvetica, because of that she would use art nouveau or deco and taught herself to use them. Paula Scher also says that young designers leap up very quickly because we do not know anything and have a lot to learn. I agree with her because everyday I learn something new. I attend classes and learn from there, I learn from watching videos and even more. The only thing I disagree with her is the Helvetica. I like the font, I think it is easy to read and is used everywhere because it is popular.

Louise Fili: Typography and Gastronomy

It was interesting learning about Louise Fili and her career as a graphic designer. Louise Fili’s passion is anything that has to do with Italy and food, which explains where she gets her inspirations from for her work. She loved Italy so much that she would always travel there often to take photos of signage, markets and book stores. “Fili believes that designers need to have their own projects to find their personal design voice.” I agree with this, not everyone is the same and will design the same thing in the same way. People have their own creative mind, tastes, opinions, perspectives and ways to do things. Louise Fili had to create her own archive, she created her own type from scratch, piecing letters, and alternating existing fonts because she wanted it to be unique. It is amazing that she has designed over 10,000 book jackets.

The Weird Science of Naming New Products

This article was interesting, I thought it was easy to come up with names. But after reading this article I realized I was wrong, there are many difficulties when it comes to naming companies and products. Anthony Shore was well-known to many companies as a namer. He helped named over 160 companies, websites, products and colors. Some of the companies include SoyJoy, Lytro and Yum!. I thought big companies like Yum! (parent company of KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco-Bell) came up with the names themselves, but it was Anthony Shore that did. Anthony Shore starts his projects by making lists of words and combining texts, rhymes etc. “This is the point in his search at which Shore sits at his computer and opens window after window, making lists of words and then trying to make connections among the words on those lists and then putting potential candidates for the final name on a master list. ” For a project he came up with 1,200 names. Overall, being the only person to be able to come up with so many different names alone is actually really impressive and almost impossible, it would take a lot of time, creativity and thinking.


Hello, my name is Sally Ruan and I am currently a junior at City Tech. My interests towards this degree is Graphic Design. I like to create posters and sometimes logos. I am comfortable with Photoshop and Illustrator but I still have a lot to learn about them. I chose this class because it was required and also would help me towards my future career. My goal in the future is to graduate and work at a company that creates posters and logos for clients.