Eva Machauf I COMD 3501 I OL01

Author: Islam Mahrouss

Louise Fili: Typography and Gastronomy

Learning about Louise Fili was very interesting because You can see how her love for Italy has inspired her design work. I think as designers we all have something that inspires our creativity. The most important thing that I took away from Fili was having a personal project, I did not realize that having a personal project could help you grow as a designer. Activities that aren’t even design related could also help inspire you and give you ideas. The more experiences we have in different areas the more diverse our work would be. She inspired me to look at different sources for inspiration and to have an open mind. Seeing how Fili would also photograph different signs and book stores, it reminds me of how we live in a city full of logos and advertisements which are all sources of design inspiration. It is something that I will be taking plenty of photos of to help inspire my work.   

The Weird Science of Naming New Products

After reading the article I was very impressed at the fact that naming something is such a long process. It reminded me of the design process and how designers put a lot of time and energy into doing research to solve a design problem. In the case of naming I believe that the process is similar, there is research and lots of creative strategizing to come up with a name that will work for a brand. It definitely showed me that naming is just as important as design and has a huge impact on how we as consumers will remember and view a brand. A lot of the research and studies that go into this also reminds me a little bit of user interface and experience design. The studies that were discussed in the article made me consider the name for the restaurant project more in terms of how easy it is to pronounce and to remember.