Hi, my name is Iqra Bhatti and I am a transfer student from king’s borough. I am taking this course because it is required. It is my second semester and my major is communication design at city tech. Also, one of my art pieces has been selected for the gallery showing the event which was an impossible art piece. One interesting fact about me I am really into traveling and I hope to travel around the world in the future. I’m good at keeping my things organized. I like to finish everything on time or before it is due. My hobbies are learning new things and to get better at things that I’m good at, such as painting, sketches, and design. My goal is to succeed in all my classes and graduate on time from college. I would like to work in graphic design companies. I am really into creating my art piece. I would love to show them to my gallery one day. I have used Adobe programs before. I feel comfortable with Photoshop and illustration because I have done multiple projects before. 

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