Reminder: No synchronous class today

Remember, there is no synchronous class session today. We will not be meeting on Zoom. Please watch the video for today’s guest lecture, and remember to comment! You can see the assignment and video here:

The assignment is due by 2:30pm on Tuesday. 


Dr. M

2 thoughts on “Reminder: No synchronous class today”

  1. Great lecture by professor Lee This was a follow up lecture from professor Lee , he talked about the four pillows of biomedical ethics , of the four pillows the focus was on beneficence and justice . Beneficence is the duty of helping others not to help them for our own interest but to help them achieve there own ends . He also talk about unintended consequences of doing good and he used the robots analogy to make it points for example the robots can have conflicting idea when carrying out there duties. They can confuse justice and beneficence.

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