New grades added

Dear Class, 

I have finished grading for the first half of the semester. You can see your assignment grades from (for homework and papers) by visiting You can see your midterm exam grade and other grades on Blackboard, by going to: Tools—My Grades. 

“Mid-semester Grades” reflect your performance in the class so far. These are based on all available grades up until now. You should receive one of the following letters: 

P: Passing (>65%)

BL: Borderline (55%-65%)

F: Failing (<55%). 

I strongly suggest arranging a meeting with me on Zoom if you received a BL or F. 

Please note that only about 42% of the points available for the semester have been determined so far. This means there is still significant opportunity to change your grade!

I have also added a category to the grade center for class participation. You can see the participation policy in the syllabus. If your participation grade is low, it is usually because you are either not attending class (or in some cases you are coming late) and/or you are not verbally participating in class. Changing these patterns of behavior can significantly increase your score, and in many cases it is still possible to raise this score to 100%!

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Dr. M

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