No synchronous session this Tuesday (3/23)

Instead, please watch the video from our guest lecturer and leave comments there according to the instructions, before the following class. You can view the post here.

One thought on “No synchronous session this Tuesday (3/23)”

  1. This lecture was very informative in regard to the background information given on about how sociology was introduced as a science. The changes in social behavior based in the industrial revolution really helped me understand how and why sociology as a discipling became so important. Behaviors are always changing, and it is important to observe and gain knowledge on an empirical level to inform, argue and learn through the evolution of people.
    I appreciated this lecture because it reinforced information learned as a health science major. The insight highlighted about environmental injustice, inequalities in health, income, resources, social structures and life expectancy may help people that prejudge an individual’s disposition to be more open minded to factors that influence peoples’ lives. Overall, it was a very interesting lecture that leaves space for healthy discussion.

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