Homework assignment 2, due Thursday 2/25

Make an annotated bibliography entry for the assigned reading:

Mazor, Kathleen M, George W Reed, Robert A Yood, Melissa A Fischer, Joann Baril, and Jerry H Gurwitz. 2006. “Disclosure of medical errors.”  Journal of General Internal Medicine 21 (7):704-710.

You can find the article here.

This is an empirical article, so be sure to use the format for an empirical article. Your entry should include three things: 

  1. The actual reference (formatted in Chicago Author-Date Style). You may cut and paste from above for this assignment.
  2. Conclusions. 
    • “Conclusions” are the general claims that the authors think are supported by their observations. They should be in the present tense.
  3. Evidence/Results. 
    • The “results” is what the researchers actually observed. These should clearly support the “conclusions” listed above. They should be in the past tense.

Be sure to label each of the three sections. You do not need to include the fourth section, “relevance to my case,” because this piece is not necessarily relevant to your assigned group case. 

Your entry should be in your own words. Your submission should be at least a half page (double-spaced), but should not exceed one page.

(150-300 words)

Please submit the assignment to turnitin.com before class (i.e. before 2:30pm). 

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